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Not your grandfather's space program
Obama offers new road map for NASA
By Ron Cowen
Web edition : Thursday, April 15th, 2010
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Speaking at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center April 15, President Obama outlined a new plan for the space agency that would forgo sending astronauts back to the moon, but would send humans to an asteroid in 2025 and into orbit around Mars a decade later.

The strategy would rely on private aerospace companies to ferry crew and supplies into space. It would also cancel a program known as Constellation, which is aimed at developing a heavy-lift rocket and vehicles to carry astronauts back to the moon, in favor of pursuing a new rocket that would take humans beyond well beyond that destination.

“I am very happy about the introduction of new innovative commercial approaches in human space flight, because we’ve been trapped into a very bad cul-de-sac for 40 years,” says planetary scientist and former NASA associate administrator for science Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colo. Stern predicts that Congress is likely to approve Obama’s plan.

In Obama’s blueprint, NASA would get an additional $6 billion over the next five years to begin developing new space technologies, refocusing its efforts away from designing space transportation vehicles. The plan would, however, keep plans to develop the Orion crew vehicle, which would be the only U.S. space transport vehicle once the shuttle is retired later this year. And in 2015, the agency would evaluate plans for a rocket that would carry astronauts into deep space.

Early next decade, Obama said, “a set of crewed flights will test and prove the systems required for exploration beyond low Earth orbit,” culminating in the first human journey to an asteroid in 2025.

Journeys to Mars orbit in the mid-2030s would be followed by a landing on Mars, “and I expect to be around to see it,” the president told the cheering crowd.

Obama said he recognized that some experts have called it unwise to rely on the private sector for ferrying crews and supplies into space, but “by buying the services of space transportation rather than the vehicles themselves, we can continue to ensure rigorous safety standards are met but will also accelerate the pace for innovations as companies, from young start-ups to established leaders, compete, design, build and launch new ways of carrying people and materials into space.”

Norm Augustine, who chaired a committee that last year criticized the Constellation program and NASA funding, spoke after Obama. The former chairman and chief executive officer of the Lockheed Martin Corp. said the agency “was trapped in low Earth orbit” hauling cargo instead of trying to reach a loftier destination in space. He added that if the agency didn’t rely on U.S. companies to take astronauts into space, it would have no alternative but to rely on Russians.

Obama criticized the Bush administration’s program to send astronauts back to the moon and then eventually on to Mars as a blueprint that lacked both funding and specific goals. “There are also those who have criticized our decision to end parts of Constellation as one that will hinder space exploration beyond low Earth orbit,” Obama said. “But by investing in groundbreaking research and innovative companies, we have the potential to rapidly transform our capabilities.”

Space-policy analyst Howard McCurdy of American University in Washington, D.C., says he doesn’t see much difference in adherence to timetables and goals between Bush’s plan and that of Obama’s. But he says he’s intrigued by Obama’s willingness to “leapfrog” over smaller goals. According to McCurdy’s interpretation, Obama is telling the public “if we go the moon and concentrate on completing project Constellation, it’s going to be a dead end, but if we set our sights a little further out and skip those intermediate steps, we can have real accomplishments.”

It’s a high-risk proposition, says McCurdy, “but as long as NASA has a monopoly on space transportation, it’s going to be like the airline industry in the 1960s — high quality and very expensive.

“The real key in all of this is the ability of the private sector to do what NASA has been unable to do for about the last 30 years, and that is cut the cost to low Earth orbit. As long as NASA was spending $4 billion to $5 billion a year flying the space shuttle, [the agency] was going nowhere,” McCurdy says.

Embryo transfer technique could prevent maternally inherited diseases
A new technique transplants healthy nuclear DNA of cells carrying mutated mitochondria.
Intentional weight loss in old age not detrimental, study finds
Among obese group, those who shed pounds as part of diet study were less likely to die during follow-up years.
Lung function still impaired by dust from World Trade Center
Firefighters and emergency medical teams continue to have breathing problems years after the 2001 terrorist attack.
Science & the Public: Scientists offer compelling images of Gulf War illness
BLOG: Researchers have just rolled out a host of brain images — various types of magnetic resonance scans and brain-wave measurements — that they say graphically and unambiguously depict Gulf War Syndrome.
Why a rotten tooth is hard to find
The brain can’t distinguish some kinds of pain coming from top versus bottom teeth.

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Why a rotten tooth is hard to find
The brain can’t distinguish some kinds of pain coming from top versus bottom teeth.
Insulin pump and computer mated to regulate blood sugar
A test in type 1 diabetes patients suggests that technology exists to create wearable, self-controlled “artificial pancreas.”
Mutation effects often depend on genetic milieu
Genetic background is at least as important as environment, fruit fly research shows.
Hiding patients in plain sight
A new technique could help make medical records available to researchers without compromising privacy.
Science & the Public: Breast implants may mask early cancer
Breast augmentation is the leading cosmetic surgery in North America, with roughly 400,000 procedures a year in the United States alone. A study now finds some evidence that breast implants may hinder early detection of breast malignancies. The good news: This didn’t affect survival.

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Researchers find early autism signs in some kids
A long-term investigation raises the possibility of identifying 14-month-olds who will develop autism spectrum disorder almost two years later.
One key to teaching toddlers with TV: trickery
Kids under 3 can learn from educational videos if they believe what they’re seeing is real.
First complete look at families' genes
Comparing the complete genetic material of family members pinpoints genes involved in three rare inherited diseases.
To catch a thief, follow his filthy hands
Bacteria from a person’s hands may provide a new type of fingerprint.

Top Stories | April 18

Ash from Icelandic eruption may just be the start
A recently awakened volcano often goes off in tandem with a much bigger one nearby.
NASA/MODIS Rapid Response Team
A fresh look at Mount St. Helens
Nearly 30 years after the peak’s major eruption, recovery has just begun.
Alaskan peatlands expanded rapidly as ice age waned
The rapid growth of Alaskan wetlands before 8,600 years ago was due to hotter summers and colder winters, which could spell trouble in a warmer world, a new study suggests.
Warmth in the dark age
Lower reflectivity kept Earth from freezing under a fainter young sun.
Signs of giant comet impacts found in cores
An uptick in ammonium may be evidence of a 50-billion-ton strike at the end of the ice age.

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Signs of giant comet impacts found in cores
An uptick in ammonium may be evidence of a 50-billion-ton strike at the end of the ice age.
Tyrannosaurs lived in the Southern Hemisphere, too
Australian fossils suggest the kin of T. rex dispersed globally 110 million years ago.
Bacteria show new route to making oxygen
New discovery adds to the few known biological pathways for making and metabolically using the gas.
Fossilized poop bears tooth marks
Shark-bitten fecal matter probably came from an assault on an ancient croc.
Ice drilling nets shrimpy surprise
Underwater camera captures an Antarctic crustacean, as a serendipitous part of a larger ice shelf study.

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Methane-making microbes thrive under the ice
Antarctica’s ice sheets could hide vast quantities of the greenhouse gas, churned out by a buried

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Republika ng Pilipinas
Dibisyon ng Lungsod ng Antipolo
Distrito II-A
Mababang Paaralan ng Juan Sumulong
Pangkalahatang Pagsusulit sa Pilipino sa Ika-Apat na Baitang

Pangalan: _________________________ Baitang at Pangkat: _____________ Marka: ________

Yunit I

I. Isulat ang uri ng pangungusap ng bawat isa – pasalaysay, pautos, patanong o padamdam.

1. Saan ba naroroon ang Pagsanjan Falls?
2. Sa Pagsanjan, Laguna ito makikita
3. Mamasyal naman tayo roon.
4. Sige, sasama ako kapag natuloy kayo!
5. Ilang buwan na ang dinadala mo sa iyong sinapupunan?

II. Isulat ang di-karaniwang ayos ng pangungusap.

1. Malapit na ang “Pista ng Sto. Nino.
2. Abala sa paghahanda ang mga bata at matanda.
3. Tulong-tulong sa pagkakabit ng mga banderitas sa daan ang mga kabataan.
4. Magkahalong hirap at saya ang nadarama ng mga tao.
5. Malapit na ang pista ng San Pablo.

III. Itala ang buong simuno ng pangkat ng mga pangungusap sa gawain II.

IV. Isulat kung ang mga pangungusap ay payak,tambalan, o hugnayan.

1. Sumama ako sa kamping ng mga batang iskawt sa Baguio.
2. Madilim-dilim pa noong umalis kami sa Maynila sakay ng isang malaking bus.
3. Masayang-masaya ako dahil ito ang unang pagkakataong makita ko Ang lungsod ng mga pino.
4. Limang oras din kaming naglakbay.
5. Pagkarating ay napahinga muna kami sandali at kumain ng tanghalian.

V. Isulat kung konkreto o di-konkreto ang mga salitang nabanggit sa bawat bilang.

1. Salakot 3. Kagalakan 5.Libro 7. Ginto 9. Malungkot
2. Dambana 4. Mapagkalinga 6. Dakila 8. Mabait 10. Tanikala

Yunit II

I. Piliin mula sa mga panghalip na panao sa pangklong ang angkop gamitin sa pangungusap

1-2. Ida, linisin (ka, mo, ikaw) ang (iyong, kong, nilang) kwarto.
3-4. May pulong ang mga batang iskawt. Pinag-uusapan (nila, kanila) ang (kanilang, nilang)
5-6. Si Bb. Linda Santos ang (aming, naming) guro sa Musika. Magaling (niyang, siyang) magturo.
7-8. Ibig ni ate (Akin, ko) ang maging guro. Nag-aaral (siya, niya) ng mabuti.
9-10 Edukasyon ang (kanyang, niyang) pinag-aaralan. Nais (niyang, kanyang) maging guro.

II. Ibigay ang wastong panghalip na pananong sa pangungusap.

1. ____ kayo maglalaro ngayon?
2. _____ oras kayo magsisimulang maglalaro?
3. (kailang-kailan, Sinu-sino) ang kasama mo?
4. (Ano, Sino, Ilan, Saan) kayo sa team?
5. ____ ang hindi naglaro kahapon?

III. Magbigay ng tatlong pandiwang (gaganapin, ginaganap at naganap na).


I. Magbigay ng 5 wastong pang-uri sa bawat bilang. Ilagay ang antas ng pang-uri.

II. Magbigay ng tatlo sa bawat uri ng pang- abay ( panlunan, pamanahon, pamaraan).

III. Magbigay ng 6 na pariralang pang-abay at ilagay ito sa isang pangungusap.

IV. Magbigay ng 5 pangungusap na may katotohanan at opinyon.

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Republika ng Pilipinas

Dibisyon ng Siyudad ng Antipolo

Distrito II-A

Mababang paaralan ng Juan Sumulong

Lagumang Pagsusulit sa Hekasi sa Ikatlong Markahan

Pangalan: __________________________________ Baitang at Pangkat: _________

Guro: ______________________________________ Marka: __________________

  1. Direksyon: Lagyan ng Tsek kung ang pahayag ay nagsasabi ng dahilan ng Espanya sa pagsakop sa Pilipinas.

__1. Upang humanap ng bagong ruta.

__2. Upang makapaglakbay ang mga Espanyol.

__3. Upang maging pinakamakapangyarihan sa buong mundo.

__4. Upang makipagkalakalan ang mga Europeo sa Silangan.

__5. Upang makatulong sa mahirap at wakasan ang kalakalang monopolyo sa Venice.

__6. Upang makatuklas ng kayamanan.

__7. Upang umangkat ng mga pampalasa ng pagkain.

__8. Upang manguna bilang isang bansa sa Europe.

__9. Upang gamutin ang may sakit.

__10. Upang maipalaganap ang Kristyanismo.

  1. Direksyon: Lagyan ng bilang 1 – 5 ang bawat patlang ayon sa wastong pagkakasunod – sunod ng pangungusap.

__ Umalis ang mga Espanyol sa Espanya.

__ Nakalaban ng mga Espanyol si Lapulapu.

__ Narating nila ang Limasawa.

__ Nagpadala pa ng ibang ekspedisyon ang Espanya.

__ Nagdaos sila ng isang misa dito.

  1. Direksyon: Bilugan ang titik ng wastong sagot.

  1. Saan dumaong ang barko ng mananakop na Espanyol?

A. Cebu B. Leyte C. Davao D. Palawan

2. Kanino nakipagkaibigan si Magellan?

A. Haring Humabon B. Raha Sulayman C. Lakandula D. Lapulapu

3. Saan naganap ang laban nina Magellan at Lapulapu?

A. Mactan B. Maynila C. Limasawa D. Homonhon

4.Sino ang unang bayaning Pilipino na lumaban sa hukbo ng Mananakop?

A. Lakandula B. Raha Sulayman C. Lapulapu D. Raha Kulambo

5. Alin ang unang lungsod sa Pilipinas?

A. Cebu B. Maynila C. Bohol D. Leyte

  1. Ipaliwanag ang sagot.

  1. Alin sa programang pangkabuhayan ang nagustuhan ng mga Pilipino?


  1. Ano ang Obras Pias?


  1. Ano ang epekto ng sapilitang paggawa?


  1. Bilugan ang titik ng tamang sagot.

  1. Aling bahagi n gating bansa ang hindi nasakop ng Espanyol?

A. Luzon B. Visayas C. Mindanao D. Palawan

  1. Aling pangkat ng mga Pilipino ang napasailalim sa pananakop ng Espanyol noon?

A. Apayao B. Kalinga C. Tinggian D. Lahat sa mga ito

  1. Aling pangkat ng mga Pilipino ang hindi nahimok bilang Katoliko Romano?

A. Muslim B. Bisaya C. Tagalog D. Ilocano

  1. Ipaliwanag ang sagot.

  1. Bakit nabago ang panahanan ng Pilipino?


  1. Anong panahanan ang nais mong tirahan at bakit?


  1. Bakit ayaw lumipat ng tirahan ng mga Pilipino?


  1. Isulat ang tamang sagot.

  1. Sino ang nagtatag ng unang paaralan noon?


  1. Sino ang nagturo ng unang paaralan?


  1. Isulat ang tamang sagot.

  1. Sino ang mga paring GOMBURZA? ____________________________________
  2. Ibigay ang 2 nobelang nailimbag ni Jose Rizal ._________________________________________________________________
  3. Ang La Liga Filipina ay may salawikain na: Unus instar omnium o Isa tulad ng lahat. Sino ang nagtatag ng La Liga Filipina? _____________________________
  4. Ano ang naging papel ni Gat. Andres Bonifacio sa panahon ng himagsikang Pilipino? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Sino ang kanang kamay ni Andres Bonifacio? ____________________________
  6. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng KKK? __________________________________________________________________
  7. Sino ang naging maybahay ni Bonifacio? ________________________________
  8. Noong Agosto 23, 1986 naganap ang unang sigaw ng ____________________ .
  9. Ano ang nagampanan ni Commodore George Dewey sa pag-papaalis sa Espanyol?


  1. Sino si Gregorio Del Pilar? ___________________________________________
  2. Magbigay ng 5 pangyayari sa panahon ng Amerikano.






12. Ano ang pamahalaang Commonwealth? _________________________________

13. Sino ang naging Presidente ng Commonwealth? ___________________________

14.Sino ang pumirma ng Kautusan blg. 134 na ang tagalong ang pambansang wika ng Pilipinas? ________________________________

15. Ano ang Layunin ng Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere? _____________________________________________________________________

16. Bakit tumanggi ang Pilipinas sa paanyaya ng Hapon? _____________________________________________________________________

17. Bakit lubos na nanghina ang Estados Unidos sa pagbomba sa Pearl Harbor?


18. Sino ang nagdeklara na ang Maynila ay Open City na? _____________________

19. Saan iniligtas ni Manuel Quezon ang Pamahalaang Commonwealth? __________

20. Kanino ipinaubaya ni Manuel Quezon ang Maynila? _______________________

21. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng USAFFE? _____________________________________

22. Ano ang kahulugan ng katagang “I Shall Return”? _________________________

23. Saan dinala ng mga Hapon ang mga sibilyang nakaligtas sa Martsa ng Kamatayan? __________________________________________________________

24. Kailan nasakop ng mga Hapon ang Maynila bago pa man tawagin itong Open City? ______________________

25. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng HUKBALAHAP? _______________________________

26. May kaugnayan ba ito sa mga Gerilya? __________________________________

27.Magbigay ng 2 layunin ng mga Gerilya.



30. Ano ang Kapisanan ng Paglilingkod sa Bagong Pilipinas? __________________

31. Tinawag na Panahon ng Kadiliman ang Pilipinas noong taong _______________.

32. Sino si Josefa Llanes Escoda? _________________________________________

33. Sino si Heneral Douglas MacArthur? ___________________________________

Pag-unawa sa Salitang Kasaysayan

  1. Direksyon: Ibigay ang kahulagan ng mga salitang tinalakay noong ikaraang araw.

  1. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi ____________________________________________
  2. Karagatang Pasipiko _______________________________________________
  3. Gwardya Sibil _____________________________________________________
  4. KKK ____________________________________________________________
  5. Heneral Emilio Aguinaldo ___________________________________________
  6. Andres Bonifacio __________________________________________________
  7. Marcella Agoncillio ________________________________________________
  8. Calamba, Laguna __________________________________________________
  9. Admiral George Dewey _____________________________________________
  10. Demokrasya ______________________________________________________
  11. Commonwealth ___________________________________________________
  12. Tirad Pass _______________________________________________________
  13. Gregorio Del Pilar _________________________________________________
  14. Greater East – Asia Co - Prosperity Sphere ____________________________
  15. World War II _____________________________________________________
  16. KAMPEITAI _____________________________________________________
  17. Heneral Douglas Macarthur _________________________________________
  18. Corregidor _______________________________________________________
  19. Treaty of Paris ____________________________________________________
  20. HUKBALAHAP ___________________________________________________
  21. Leyte ____________________________________________________________
  22. KALIBAPI _______________________________________________________
  23. Partido Federal ____________________________________________________
  24. Manuel Quezon ___________________________________________________
  25. Pearl Harbor ______________________________________________________
  1. Ibigay ang mga kahulugan ng mga salitang nabanggit.

(Ika-unang Markahan)

1. Globo ________________________________________________________________

2. Longhitud ____________________________________________________________

3. Latitud _______________________________________________________________

4. Ekwador ______________________________________________________________

5. Prime Meridian ________________________________________________________

6. International Date Line __________________________________________________

7. Karagatang Pasipiko ____________________________________________________

8. Topograpiya __________________________________________________________

9. Hanging Amihan _______________________________________________________

10. Hanging Habagat ______________________________________________________

11. Nueva Ecija __________________________________________________________

12. Atas ng Pangulo 103 ___________________________________________________

13. Tabako ______________________________________________________________

14. San Juanico Bridge ____________________________________________________

15. Mayon Volcano _______________________________________________________

(Ikalawang Markahan)

1. Fernando Magallanes ___________________________________________________

2. Espanyol _____________________________________________________________

3. Marso 17, 1521 ________________________________________________________

4. Raha Humabon _________________________________________________________

5. Lapu-lapu _____________________________________________________________

6. Abril 18,1521 __________________________________________________________

7. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi ________________________________________________

8. Kalakalang Galleon _____________________________________________________

9.Banco Espanol Filipinas __________________________________________________

10. La Solidaridad ________________________________________________________

11. Jose Rizal ____________________________________________________________

12. Heneral Emillio Aguinaldo ______________________________________________

13. Manuel Quezon _______________________________________________________

14. Commonwealth _______________________________________________________

15. Tydings-McDuffie _____________________________________________________

(Ikatlong Markahan)

  1. Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig ______________________________________
  2. Niponggo _________________________________________________________
  3. Pearl Harbor ______________________________________________________
  4. Jose P. Laurel ______________________________________________________
  5. HUKBALAHAP ___________________________________________________
  6. Heneral Douglas Macarthur ___________________________________________
  7. Atas ng Pangulo blg.260 at 375 ________________________________________
  8. Atas ng Pangulo blg.374 _____________________________________________
  9. Proclamation 1050 __________________________________________________
  10. Saligang batas 1987, Artikulo XIV, Seksyon XIV-XVIII ___________________
  11. Batas Republika blg. 284 ____________________________________________
  12. R.A. blg.7355 _____________________________________________________
  13. Utos Pampanguluhan blg. 118 ________________________________________
  14. Batas Republika blg. 7356 ___________________________________________
  15. Kautusang tagapagpaganap blg. 39 ____________________________________

(Ika-apat na Markahan)

  1. Ano ang kahulugan ng salitang digri?
  2. Ano ang dahilan kung bakit pumunta ang Espanyol sa Silangan?
  3. Ano ang Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere?

4.-5. Magbigay ng 2 batas sa pagpapanatili ng kultura.

L. Ano ang masasabi mo sa ginawang pananakop ng:

Espanya Amerika Hapon

Pumili ng isa at ilimbag ng pa-talata.


Directions: Read each question carefully and choose the letter of the correct answer. Write the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet.

1. What is the female part of a flower?

  1. pistil B. stamen C. corolla D. sepal

2. In what part of a flower do seeds develop?

  1. anther B. stigma C. ovary D. style

3. Which part of a flower becomes the fruit?

  1. petal B. sepal C. ovary D. stigma

4. It is the stalk where the pollen tube passes down to the ovary. What part of the flower is it?

  1. stigma B. style C. ovary D. pistil

5. It is needed before fertilization takes place in a flower.

  1. germination B. reproduction C. pollination D. evaporation

6. Why are insects important to plants?

  1. They pollinate the flowers

  1. They fertilize the flowers.

  1. They make plants healthy.

  1. They provide foods for plants.

7. A Sampaguita flower does not have an attractive color. How does it attract insects?

  1. Through its size.

  1. Through its sweet odor.

  1. Through its leaves.

  1. Through its stem.

8. What happens when the pollen tube reaches the ovary?

  1. The ovary is wilted.

  1. The sperm cell joins the egg cell inside the ovule.

  1. The pollen tube will burst.

  1. Insects will sip the nectar.

9. Which part of the flower becomes the seed?

  1. ovary B. ovule C. stigma D. anther

10. What does a ripe fruit show?

  1. The seeds inside are matured.

  1. The seeds inside are dried.

  1. The seeds inside are rotten.

  1. The seeds inside are wilted.

11. Plants that complete their life cycle in a single planting season or one year are called_____________________________.

  1. Annual plants C. Perennial plants

  1. Biennial plants D. Aerial plants

12. A plant that completes its life cycle in two years is called ____________________.

  1. Annual plant C. perennial plant

  1. Biennial plant D. aerial plant

13. Brandon planted mongo seedlings in two cans containing the same kind of soil. He placed one can in the sunlight and the other inside a box with cover. He watered the seedlings everyday. What variable is being tested in the experiment?

  1. Seedling. B. soil C. water D. sunlight

Study the set ups for an experiment. Then answer the questions that follow.

14. What are the controlled variables in the set up?_________________and___________________.

15. What is the manipulated variable in the setup?_______________________________.

16. In which of the following condition will a seed germinate the fastest?

  1. Kept in a moist place. C. Kept in a covered box.

  1. Kept in a dry place. D. kept away from the sunlight.

17. What are the characteristics of seeds dispersed by wind?

  1. dry and light C. parachute-like parts

  1. hairy parts D. all of these

18. What are the characteristics of ipil-ipil fruits that help them disperse seeds?

  1. They have hooks. C. They are light.

  1. They pop open. D. They are winged.

19. What makes Amorseco seed sticks to clothes of people and fur of animals?

  1. It has husks. C. It has hooks.

  1. It has fleshy part. D. It has feathery appendages.

20. What are the advantages of asexual propagation over sexual reproduction?

I. Plants mature faster.

II. Asexual propagation is easy.

III. Plant varieties are improved.

IV. Sexual reproduction is difficult.

A. I and II C. II and III

B. II and IV D. I and III

21. A girl wants to propagate San Francisco plants. Which part of the San Francisco plant will she use?

  1. seed B. stem C. root D. flower

22. Which of these plants can be propagated through its leaves?

  1. corn B. gumamela C. Katakataka. D. rose

23. How can plants harm people?

  1. poisoning B. allergies C. wounding D. all of these

24. Which plant is harmful?

  1. orchids B. euphorbia C. gumamela D. sampaguita

25. Why should you avoid smelling flowers?

  1. Flowers are too sweet.

  1. The flowers might be poisonous.

  1. The pollen will cause blindness.

  1. The pollen can cause allergy.

26. Your teacher told you to measure the blackboard inside your room. What measuring device can be used to get its volume?

  1. meter stick C. graduated cylinder

  1. beaker D. weighing scale

27. Ellaine is asked to give medicine to her infant baby brother who has fever. What is the appropriate measuring device should she use?

  1. feeding bottle B. beaker C. medicine dropper D. erlenmyexers flask

28. The city engineer wants to check if the floor area of the building was made according to the plan. What measuring device is best in getting the measurement of the said floor area?

  1. meter B. ruler C. weighing scale D. medicine dropper

29. Which of the following devices should be used in getting the accurate measurement of water?

  1. meter B. graduated cylinder C. tape measure D. weighing scale

Instruction: Read and study this activity then answer the question that follows.


  1. Get a stone.
  2. Place the stone in a glass jar.
  3. Then, transfer the stone in the shallow pan. Did it change its shape?

30. What does this activity show?

A. Solid materials have mass.

B. Solid materials have definite shape.

C. Solid materials occupy space.

D. Solid materials have weight.

31. What is changed if you pour milk from a glass to a cup?

  1. volume B. weight C. mass D. shape

32. Alyssa bought an inflated balloon. She blew air inside it. When the balloon became bigger she tied it with a rubber band. What did Alyssa observed?

  1. Gas spread out and filled the balloon.

  1. Liquid spread out inside the balloon.

  1. Solid spread out and occupied the space.

  1. All of these.

33. What is inside the balloon which gives its shape?

  1. air B. nail polish C. water D. saliva

34. A piece of wood measures 50 inches long, 6 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Find the volume.

35. Two pieces of stones are placed in a graduated cylinder containing 15 ml. of water. When the two stones were placed, the water rises to 23 ml.. What is the volume of the two pieces of stones?

Direction: Match column A with column B. Write the letter of your answer in your answer sheet.

A. B.

36. It has definite shape. a) volume

37. It has no definite shape. b) water displacement method

It has the shape of its container. c) solid

38. It has no definite shape and volume. It can be squeezed.

39. The space occupied by matter. d) liquid

40. Determines the volume of an irregular solid. e) gas